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Apprentice Training

Denel Technical Academy (DTA) has been involved in Aviation and Engineering training since 1965 as part of Atlas Aircraft Corporation.

During the early 1990’s there was a need to open up Denel Technical Academy to provide training for private students. As a result of the diversification, non-aviation related trades were introduced. Since then DTA has trained students from many different countries in Africa and implemented non-aviation trades such as the Machine Tool Millwright, Welder and CNC Machinist.


Apprentice Department

Denel Technical Academy courses are accredited by various training authorities to offer training, in accordance with the Competency Based Modular Training system, to ensure that apprentices are adequately trained both practically and theoretically to allow them to continue their experiental training to qualify them to become artisans.


Denel Technical Academy offers rudimentary training opportunities to prospective apprentices in the following fields:

Aircraft Avionician

The Aircraft Avionician incorporates all three of the existing aircraft avionicrelated trades, namely; Aircraft Electrician, Aircraft Radiotrician and Aircraft Instrument Mechanic. It is restricted to first-line maintainance, which includes installations, minor maintainance, and repairs of equipment.

Aircraft Electrician

Aircraft Electricians are responsible for the delivery and intergration of electical power between the various units of components of an aircraft. Included in their responsibilities is the diagnostics, maintainance, repair and installation of electical components which include generation systems and batteries.

Aircraft Instrument Mechanic

This is a highly specialised field that intergrates the rare combination of both, electronic and fine mechanical skills, in one trade. An Aircraft Instrument Mechanic is responsible for all the onboard instruments used to maintain flight safety and include the auto-pilot. Due to the compact nature of the instruments, candidates are required to have excellent fine motor dexterity.

Aircraft Mechanic

A diverse and appealing occupation carrying a high degree of responsibility, the aircraft mechanic is required to have a broad and thorough understanding of an aircraft and all intergrated systems. Their function is to perform preventative and corrective maintainance to ensure the safe operation of an aeroplane which includes repair, adjustments, testing and ultimately to certify it for flight.

Aircraft Radiotrician

The radiotrician is responsible for all the radio communication equipment onboard an aircrat which include navigation and communication. It is a very challenging career in view of the many new developments happening in the field and will appeal to anyone who has a keen interest in electronics. Other facets of the trade include the installation, repair and adjustment of the equipment on the aircraft.

Aircraft Structural Worker

Commonly refered to as sheet metal workers, these people are responsible for the manufacture and repair of the physical airframe of an aircraft. Primarily, their work is devoted to the damage caused by incidents, fatique or corrosion to restore the integral strength of the airframe.


Electricians are responsible for the installation and maintainance of industrial and domestic electrical network. They too need to ensure that such installations are always safe for the user and also comply with all the stringent regulations as prescribed by law. The electricians work range will include both single and three phase electrical systems from light to heavy duty current.

Fitter & Turner

These are multi-skilled maintainance fitters that keep the wheels of industry running smoothly. They are capable in most machining processes including; turning milling, grinding and welding which make them virtually self-reliant in their trade and an asset to any company. They too are often involved in the development and fitting of new production processes.

Machine Tool Millwright

This trade was specifically introduced to cater for people interested in the maintainance and repair of machinery. It covers a broad spectrum integrating the combination of both mechanical fitting and electrical/electronic skills which include electrical installations, electronic controllers and microprocessors such as those found in Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines.

Toolmaker & Jig Maker

The toolmaker and jig maker is a craftsperson with the ingenuity to produce specialized jigs, fixtures and tooling to assist industries to produce their products consistently and accurately and with minimal waste. These people are skilled in the use of hand tools as well as grinding, turning, milling and drilling machines.

Turner & Machinist

These are specialist machine artisans that are highly skilled on either one or a variety of machines such as lathes, milling machines, surface and universal grinders and drilling/boring machines. Their task is to accurately produce or repair parts, which can also include the highly specialised field of gear cutting/grinding, in accordance to the clients drawings and specifications.


Highly skilled welders are increasingly in demand due to modern advancements in production processes and materials. They need to be proficient in a wide variety of welding techniques and capable of continually producing high quality welds in often difficult conditions. Qualified welders can look forward to a variety of interesting opportunities in a wide range of industries.

CNC Training

Computer Numerically Controlled machines are widely used in industry for better cost effectiveness, increased production, and better quality of machined products. We offer training in the following aspects: 5-axis milling, turning with live tooling, 5-axis wire cutting, spark eroding, 3-D metrology as well Cad/Cam programming (Master cam) in all of the above machining processes. Courses are customized to meet client’s requirements.

Approval and Accreditations

We are approved and accredited by the following organizations:

  • South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA)
    Approval No. ATTC 004 & AC 002 and
  • the Local Training Authorities.

Our Quality is managed be a structured Quality Management System based on the AS9100 International Standard.


  • Grade 10 (N1) with Mathematics, Science and communicate fluently in English for the following trades
    • Aircraft Mechanic
    • Aircraft Structures Worker
    • Fitter & Turner
    • Turner & Machinist
    • Toolmaker & Jig Maker
    • Welder
  • Grade 11 (N2) or equivalent with Mathematics, Science and communicate fluently in English for the following trades
    • Aircraft Radiotrician
    • Aircraft Instrument Mechanic
    • Aircraft Electrician
    • Aircraft Avionician
    • Electrician
    • Machine Tool Millwright
    • CNC Machinist


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